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Helsinki: -10 °C, next stop: the Arctic Circle. The Mens The Cook Jacket from Jack Wolfskin takes Arctic storms and extreme cold in its stride. So you can head north with a smile on your face. The jacket has a high performance duck down fill. The box-wall fill chamber construction gives the down plenty of room to achieve its full loft and ensures optimal insulation performance. It starts to warm you up from the get-go, as it also features a layer of synthetic insulation on the inside that reflects body heat for instant warmth. The fabric on the outside provides optimal protection from the wind. This fabric is so breathable that moisture vapour can escape quickly and the down is well ventilated and able to maintain its full insulation performance. A lined snow skirt prevents snow or wind ingress from below. The hood is modelled on the type of hood found on expedition parkas used in the Arctic. It is very deep and has an extra high collar. It also features synthetic fibre insulation, which is insensitive to moisture and compression. So whether it’s dog sledding, an Arctic expedition or a winter break to Lapland, with this jacket, you’ll be properly equipped.

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