Outdoors Kit For The Adventurous

Always carry a good set of waterproofs if you’re heading outdoors in the UK!

The simple fact that a waterproof poncho is so small and light means that it is an easy item to always have on or about your person.

We all know that it’s not nice being caught out in a sudden downpour and spirits can certainly nosedive when you’re soaked through to the skin so why not remove chance from the equation.

This is why it makes sense to prepare now for the next rainy day by getting a lightweight waterproof poncho or similar type of waterproof clothing to beat the elements.

Get some children’s waterproof ponchos for your toddlers and kids. These essential garments for any rain-prone climate certainly don’t take up any room and will without a doubt be appreciated should that nice day at the beach or family walk suddenly turn wet!

For more day to day requirements there are a couple of specialist fit waterproof garments designed to fit over bicycles and wheelchairs with many choices of waterproof ponchos for adults.

We have a huge selection of wet weather clothing offers from top retailers and big name stores to keep you dry and protected from the elements.

What’s better is that most of these easy carry waterproofs or rain macs, are ideally suited for use in an emergency and often will fit in a pocket or handbag.

The selection is always growing and ranges from cheap splash mac in a sac, easy-to-carry type pocket rain ponchos, all the way up to extreme use and military grade ponchos.

There are also activity specific cycling ponchos and protection for mobility scooter users.
The clever person always has a lightweight waterproof poncho handy

With an easily carried rain mac you can happily go about your day in this green and pleasant land knowing that should the heavens open you’re well prepared! In fact they’re so handy you’ll find you take them everywhere with you and are ideal for trips to the tropics or anywhere that has a monsoon season.

Pack one with you for work and save yourself ruining expensive business suits. You’ll also avoid that “drowned rat” impression so many of us do when caught out in the open unawares during a storm! You can carry them in a pocket if you’re out on the town or a small bag or briefcase without even noticing them.

Let’s face it in this country if you are going to any outdoor events or festivals whatever time of year, let alone a British Summer, the sensible thing to do is to invest in some kind of cheap waterproof poncho to ensure that you stay dry!

Camping Stoves and Portable Camping Cookers

Search great offers on a wide range of camping stoves for sale from the top outdoor brands and retailers all under one roof. From leading names to the main high street shops, you’ll find the ideal camping cooker or portable stove here.
The joy of cooking with camping stoves

There is something special about firing up a camping cooker and enjoying eating outside when camping. Nature, the smells, throw in some wonderful views and all this can make for unforgettable moments.

When it comes to brewing up some coffee or having a warming meal, it’s much easier now than in days gone by around the camp fire. You can go for a tiny basic cooking stove to luxury multi ring gas burners to enjoy true “al fresco” wining and dining outside.

With technical innovations and improvement over the years equipment and materials used for modern camping cookers have come of age.

Not only are today’s portable camping stoves very fuel efficient but the cookers themselves are manufactured from lightweight materials – this especially applies to the more sophisticated expedition mountaineering burners. With this type of equipment the parts are normally made from the lightest and most durable products. It is quite amazing what a mini mountain expedition quality camping stove can cook when they are such small devices. Very efficient that’s for sure which is just what you need when you’re thousands of feet up a mountain.

Simple camping stoves and portable BBQs are now plentiful on the shelf of any self respecting outdoor shop, even supermarkets! Aim higher, literally and you can get serious camping cookers for mountaineering expeditions that need to perform in the most extreme of conditions and yet still be lightweight and easy to use.
Camping Stoves Selection

An additional bonus with camping stoves is that you get to enjoy a great fry up without feeling guilty because you know you’ll be working off all those calories in the great outdoors!

In our house we love gadgets and keeping in touch, even if miles away from each other. With the regular use of mobile phones or cells as our American cousins like to call them, there is virtually nothing that communication can’t achieve anymore. We have traditionally used Long Range Walkie Talkies for a long time in our family due to living in a remote area, where until recently cell coverage was very weak. And when our trusty Professional Walkie Talkie gave up the ghost, I knew I had to find a good PMR set to replace them. Fortunately, there are a whole host of Walkie Talkies available on the market now so didn’t have any trouble finding a decent replacement.

Walkie Talkies are a much cheaper option than Mobile Phones

There are different options that you may wish to consider when buying a new two way radio. If the set comes with its own with a belt clip then that is really useful as you’ll only have to source one from elsewhere. Remember although they are constantly improving, Walkie Talkies are still going to be bulkier and heavier than a slimline mobile phone.

The same as when getting a digital camera you may find the cheaper handsets use regular AA or similar batteries. It’s usually better to buy any portable electronic equipment that use rechargeable batteries rather than standard batteries which will end up costing lots each month or even week to replace. Just remember, or ask someone how costly cameras used to be when used on holiday before the introduction of rechargeable devices.

You also may need to examine group call functions, the ability to assign or change frequencies for specific users or activities, and the addition of headsets or earpieces for hands-free operation.

Why Walkie Talkies Are So Useful

The point that you are not controlled by phone network coverage and steeply-priced contract deals make Professional Walkie Talkies really wonderful for anyone living in the countryside and rural locations.

Choose from a large selection of Walkie Talkies and Professional Two Way Radios for travel, motorcycle, leisure and group activities.

Even if you are in just occasional contact with another person or group then there is no reason you should still be using a mobile and incurring network tariffs, free, two way communications radios are what you need.

For serious jobs, you will find a large range of powerful walkie talkies good for long distances and associated accessories. Indeed there are plenty of professional two-way radios available, plus accompanying headsets if required. These are naturally popular for security jobs and other work where a hands-free operating environment is required.

Check out the headsets and accessories sections for add-ons including microphones, ear buds, headsets and throat-mikes.

Walkie Talkies a definition

A walkie-talkie is a portable, hand held, two-way radio which came about during the Second World War. From their original predominantly military and governmental use, Walkie Talkies have evolved so much that they can now be bought so cheaply even children play with so called “basic” sets. Motorbike & bicycle couriers use them each day as do security companies, care wardens, event organisers, farmers, skiers, walkers, drivers, holidaymakers and many, many more people. Too many to mention really, just think about it and the list goes on and on!

Those fortunate enough to enjoy a large garden or substantial grounds have them just to stay in touch whilst walking around outside their homes. Using two way radios instead of mobile phones saves a small fortune in call costs naturally.

Like mobile phones some portable two way radios now incorporate GPS and mapping capabilities and so appeal further. “Walkies” as they used to be known, offer such good value due to no network tariffs and cheap prices that they are the ideal way for people to communicate freely within locales.